4 Reasons Why Envelopes Are Important

Graphic design Envelope

Before envelopes were invented and made accessible to common people, letter locking was a popular way to seal the letters. With the help of letter locking, people used to keep the contents of their letters private by using elaborate folds and slits. Although, the art of letter locking did prevent people from spying on important messages. However, they were very time-consuming and were too complicated. Luckily for the people at that time, envelopes were invented in early 2000 B.C by the Babylonians. In the past, envelopes were created using baked clay to protect clay documents. To read the main clay document, people would have to destroy the outer shell made from baked clay. Years later, the paper was invented and envelopes were made from paper.

It does not matter how envelopes are being made, all kinds of envelopes serve only one purpose and that is to protect the confidential documents inside them. Envelopes used for confidential documents, whether the documents are personal, deeds, invoices, or mortgage letters are as important as the confidential document. Here are 4 reasons why:

Your envelope represents you

One of the most important reasons that why envelopes are so important is that the envelope you are sending to your recipient represents you. The envelope is the first thing that your recipient sees. It is quite essential to send an envelope that matches the kind of paper that you have inserted. Sending a torn or crumpled envelope, or even an envelope that does not look good sends a message to your recipient that you have not tried enough. Sending letters in envelopes is a way of communicating formally with one and another, and many business organizations take it very seriously. If you send a bad envelope, your recipient may think that you do not know anything about formal communication and may not even open your envelope.

It helps your brand stand out from your competitors

Even though, with the advancements in technology, a lot of businesses are communicating through emails and social media. However, there are still many businesses that communicate through letters and emails. Without a doubt, your recipient would be getting a lot of mails and letters, and you want them to read your letter first. For that, you will need to grab the attention of your recipients that they pick your envelope first. The best way to do this is by adding eye-catching décor to your envelopes. Furthermore, if you are sending an envelope on behalf of your business organization. Adding a business logo to your envelope is a great idea as people tend to remember logos way better than the names, and it will also make your envelope look more professional.

Your envelope is the only chance to make a good impression

Sending an envelope to your recipient does not always mean that your recipient will open and read your envelope. If they do not like the envelope, they might not even touch your envelope which means that the letter inside it is never going to be read. This is what makes your envelope as important as the message inside it because what is the use of a well-written letter if they are not going to ever read it. That is why using good, eye-catching envelopes is quite essential if you want your recipients to read your letters. Therefore, you need to create a good, first impression and only an envelope can make a good, first impression of your business organization.

It helps create a sense of urgency

Sending emails is a good way to communicate but it does not have an urgency element to it. Sending letters to your recipients lets them know that the message is quite important and not just spam. Furthermore, your recipients also get curious if you package the message in an attractive envelope. Moreover, unlike emails, physical letters are quite difficult to ignore because the recipients can see them until they are opened or thrown away.


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