About Us

Gazelle Envelopes

Gazelle Envelope Manufacturer’s Production started in 2001, with humble beginnings. In a short amount of time, our firm belief in Customer Relations and our Brand Equity pillars helped establish Gazelle as one of the biggest envelope manufacturers in the MENA region.

We produce a wide range of wallet, diagonal, and pocket-size Envelopes in both Peel & Seal and Gum Adhesive configuration. Auto-Mailer Envelopes are a specialty.

Our Brand Equity Pillars

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Imported & Best-Quality Materials

Gazelle believes in using nothing but the very best, and taking no shortcuts when it comes to production and raw material. Everything is sourced from high quality suppliers, after a careful and thorough vetting process. P/S Strips, Gum and other critical supplies are all imported from Europe, from global leading industry names.

Robust After-Sales Support

Gazelle is proud to have the best after-sales support service in this industry in Egypt. We aim to give you the smoothest experience possible, with zero complaints. Our sales executives and customer relations experts are excited to hear from you.

A Name you can Trust

Built on the back of twenty years of un-interrupted success, The Gazelle Brand is a name you can trust. Our Loyal Customers are the backbone of that success, and the reason we move heaven and earth to make sure that they are satisfied.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Our company fulfills it’s social responsibilities to the letter, with full support to our hard-working employees, our society, and to the Egyptian People and Economy. Gazelle aims to grow it’s contribution year on year, and help raise people and awareness for social issues that can benefit our society.

Always on the lookout for new Opportunities and Ventures

At Gazelle Envelopes, we are always looking forward into the future, keeping an eye out for exciting new opportunities, and ventures. From increasing our production capabilities, to diversifying our product line, to entering new industries itself! We aim to grow our capabilities so that we can meet your needs as best as possible.

Why Gazelle Envelopes Are Better

Unlike regular envelopes that are produced from recycled paper, Gazelle Envelopes are made from virgin paper, and have a smooth finish and glossy appearance that is aesthetically pleasing.

In addition, because of their smooth surface, they are the No. 1 choice for printers and the printing industry, because they absorb less ink and do not leave any residue on printing equipment.

Specific Product Lines of Gazelle Envelopes are also each individually hand-checked, so as to ensure that every envelope passes rigorous internal quality standards.

The Paper used by Gazelle Envelopes is sourced from environmentally friendly and green companies, ensuring that we are not damaging the planet, and contributing to global warming.
We have an extensive range with unique paper quality, folding, and sizes either peel and seal or gum envelopes. We also offer customized envelopes with the design of your choice.

Personalized Printed Envelope in Egypt

Our Mission

To be a leader in the industry by providing enhanced services and relationships.

When the question arises about maintaining brand value, Gazelle envelopes stand firmly in maintaining a superior product supply over its competitors. Since the beginning, Gazelle has continuously reinvested in high-tech machines and services for faster, more flexible delivery to maintain its position as a brand leader.

We believe in treating our customers with respect and faith.
We put our customers at the heart of everything we do.

A Brief Introduction to our Product Lines

Wallet Gum Envelopes:

With the wonderful utility of wallet envelopes, we use amazing pre-moistened gum to maintain high standards of quality to ensure our customers experience delightful utility in an affordable way.

Diagonal Gummed Envelopes:

Our Diagonal envelopes can be used efficiently for business and personal correspondence purposes, especially used for booklets and greeting cards to delight our audience.

Wallet Peal & Seal Envelopes:

Widely for commercial usage and mailing brochures annual reports and multi-page documents. We make sure the Peel & Seal which is used in our envelopes is of the topmost quality and standard for an unmatched level of excellence.

Pocket Gum Envelopes:

Our pocket envelopes guarantee perfection for mailing bulk and essential documents such as legal and insurance polices with optimum space and less creasing.

Pocket Peal & Seal Envelopes:

These envelopes includes a wide range of products as pocket envelopes are a perfect combination of fill in space to carry maximum content and the Peel & Seal technology eases the process of sealing the document without breaking a sweat.