Envelopes are just as important as the information they contain. These are one of the most influential marketing tools and the first impressions of your company when you communicate with your clients.

With the internet, emails, and connected programs, communication techniques have evolved significantly in the last 10–20 years, but enclosing letters in envelopes and shipping them in the mail remains a classic communication method with considerable poise and beauty.

Envelopes can be plain or custom printed, and Gazelle provides a wide range of both. While conventional envelopes are less likely to catch the recipient’s eye, Gazelle Special Envelopes are a sight for sore eyes!

“Color is a power that directly influences the soul.” ~Wassily Kandinsky

Gazelle’s special coloured envelopes are more than just a carrier of messages. Gazelle believes in using only the best materials and cutting no corners when it comes to production and raw resources. Therefore, these envelopes are delicately created from virgin paper and special raw materials. Everything is chosen from high-quality vendors after a careful and rigorous verification procedure. The P/S strips, gum, and other vital materials are imported from Europe by world-leading brands, and the unique masterpieces are offered for sale at extremely affordable prices. These luxury envelopes are suitable for all occasions; whether you need them for wedding invitations, cards, or something a little different, these certainly let you vibe uniquely.

Think of how many occasions there are that call for something with a little more push than your conventional commercial envelopes. Advertisements, monthly bills and other statements, special offers—the list goes unending. Here are a few common occurrences when Gazelle’s special envelopes can help get your point across.


Gazelle’s special colored envelopes can brighten your invitation correspondence like magic. These can also be personalized with various quotes, wedding colors, and/or other creative designs. The explicitly offered wedding envelopes at Gazelle are usually appreciated by moms and dads as a pleasant souvenir to keep after the wedding.


Retirement is the only moment in your life when time and money are no longer equal, so it is important to take careful note of this priceless period. Send invites

with elegance with Gazelle special envelopes when it’s time to mark the beginning of your retirement and the conclusion of your noteworthy career. These have elements of humour and appreciation, along with a vibrant array of hues. They also feature reflections on life.

Business Correspondence:

The special envelopes from Gazelle will give your business or commercial letter more credibility. The more postal correspondence you have with personalized letterhead, formal papers, and proposals, the more people will remember your brand. Create distinctive envelopes, and you should start to see a boost in your business relationships.


Graduation signifies accomplishments and success, and success signifies hard work. The hard work that led to success and the success that potentialized you to attain graduation calls for a celebration. Even only to show your friends and family that you finally pursued your aspirations, accomplishments this significant obviously call for custom envelopes, and in that case, Gazelle is the most reliable approach for special envelopes.

Save The Date Cards:

Some dates are so special that they live on forever in our hearts. Whether it’s the announcement of your engagement party, a housewarming celebration, or the first pool party of the summer, the date is significantly crucial. Similarly, the date is extremely important to you whether you’re throwing a party, graduating, or celebrating any other major occasion. These reasons to send out save the date cards need beautiful invitations! Gazelle gives you the opportunity to formalize them.

Scrapbooking and Gifting Purposes:

Gazelle’s customized envelopes may be used to make scrapbook pockets and small folders. The envelopes are ideal for saving images that you don’t want to glue down, as well as tickets from locations and events, and other souvenirs! This would make an excellent handcrafted anniversary or birthday present.

Religious Festivities:

People generously give some money or gifts to their loved ones on religious festivals and events like Eid, Ramadan, Diwali, Easter, Christmas, etc., which calls for some exquisitely designed envelopes. This little but meaningful act serves to deepen the connections of love, especially when it is provided by the elderly to their young ones. An exquisitely beautiful selection of personalized envelopes in elegant patterns and alluring themes and colors is available from Gazelle Envelopes in Kenya. Whether you want your family name, or a logo printed, a certain theme or color scheme, or any combination of these, Gazelle Envelopes

can work with you to design your very own distinctive, personalized envelopes in a range of sizes.

The unique envelopes made by Gazelle can be utilized on occasions other than those listed. They have a far higher like-to-demand ratio. They may be utilized for all occasions, from times of bereavement to joy, as well as at work, at or outside the home, gatherings and parties, and a great deal more. Besides being able to purchase Gazelle-designed envelopes, you can also customize them to meet your requirements in terms of colors, themes, logos, text, and much more. That’s intriguing, isn’t it? Absolutely, it is, and that’s what makes Gazelle a leading manufacturer of envelopes in Egypt and the Mena Region.

Different envelopes have different purposes, and Gazelle Envelopes has them all! You can quickly determine what type of envelope you need based on the context of your document and the size of your document. It offers a wide range of envelopes, including Pocket Seal and Peel, Pocket Gum Envelopes, Diagonal Envelopes, Wallet Gum Envelopes, Wallet Peel and Seal, Auto Mailer Envelopes, and Cream Envelopes.

In conclusion, envelopes are an important component of stationery, and Gazelle’s special envelopes increase the appeal of envelopes in general. Apart from safely delivering the contents from the sender to the recipient, an envelope also has the important job of being opened, so Gazelle’s envelopes stand out in the mail or with the recipient because they have an appealing design, which gets him/her excited about what’s inside!