The Beauty and Brains Behind Kraft Paper Envelopes

Kraft paper is a hot favorite—high-end brands use it for their bags that bear their labels; more than ever before this paper is being used for crafting innovative invitations, labels, tags, and cards.

Similarly, kraft paper envelopes are fast becoming the rage because of their popularly neutral hue of brown as well their availability in a range of colors combined with the class and durability they exude.

Kraft paper envelopes end up looking professional and are versatile enough to be jazzed up for more creative or casual usage. Be it sophisticated, rustic, or vintage—it exudes the right vibe depending on how you theme it.

Here are five top reasons why more and more brands, companies, and institutions are embracing kraft envelopes:

– Its durable
– Its versatile
– Its classy
– Its easy to write on
– It comes in vivid color options

The kraft paper envelopes at Gazelle Envelopes, Egypt, come in ribbed and unribbed types. The paper used includes both virgin and eco-friendly recycled options that are available in assorted sizes.

Be it bulk for office use or customized for a special occasion, these high-quality kraft paper envelopes by Gazelle Envelopes, Egypt, will ensure you always have envelopes on hand for all your mailing needs. The classic flap envelopes are always sought after and emanate class with their natural brown recycled fibers. What’s more, they are also available in the convenience of peel and seal. So whether it’s invitation cards, greeting cards, letters, photos, or documents—there’s a kraft paper envelope by Gazelle to protect it.

Log on to the Gazelle Envelope website and take a pick from the wide range of envelopes available in Cairo, Egypt. Gazelle branded envelopes saw humble beginnings in the year 2001 and has become a leading name in envelope manufacturing in Cairo, Egypt, and the entire North African region