Tips For Buying Envelopes

As of 2021, technology has advanced to the next level and communication is mostly done through digital ways. Therefore, there is really not any use of handwritten letters as well as envelopes because mostly every business uses electronic mail to send anything they want to, to their clients.

However, there are still a lot of different businesses in different industries that use and sell envelopes in Egypt on a daily basis. Not only that, a lot of people still like to write letters for their partners as it is considered an act of intimacy.

It is quite essential to put these letters, no matter what kind of content, in envelopes and CoinJoin then mail them to anyone you want. In order to do that, you will also have to choose good quality envelopes to put your letters in them.

However, choosing envelopes can be quite a hassle because there are so many options available in the market which can make it quite confusing for you. The main purpose of envelopes is to act like a protective covering that ensures privacy. Envelopes make sure that your mail remains confidential until it reaches its recipient.

The importance of envelopes makes it vital for you to choose them properly according to your usage. They come in a lot of variations with different sizes and colors including but not limited to blue, red, and yellow envelopes and a lot of different companies sell these envelopes especially in Egypt. So many options may confuse you. Therefore, here are some of the best tips for buying envelopes that will help you make the right choice:

Choose the size of the envelope

One of the most important tips for buying an envelope is that you will need to choose the size of the envelope first. Before randomly selecting any kind of envelope, it is quite essential for you to make this decision to avoid any wastage of time and resources.

Always remember that envelopes come in a lot of different sizes in the market. Each different-sized envelope has a different purpose. You need to ensure that before purchasing an envelope, you know why you are buying the envelope. It may be advisable to always go for a standard-sized envelope because you will find multiple colors, designs, and finishes.

Check the exact size

Similar to the previous point, it is very important to choose as well as check the size of the envelope. Not only that but you will also have to check the size of what you are putting into the envelope. It is vital to buy an envelope that is of the same size as the card or letter that you are planning on putting into it because if the envelope is too small, it will not fit or if the envelope is too big, it will not look good. It may advisable to purchase an envelope that is about 5mm bigger than the card or the letter so that it fits properly leaving enough space for the envelope to be closed.

Get the right flap

There are two types of envelopes that are available in the market, diamond, and wallet. The diamond envelope has a kind of flap that is pointed and meets in the middle. It is the standard type of envelope and is an all-time classic. While the wallet envelope has a straight flap and a contemporary design. If you are planning on giving a traditional feel to your recipients then, the diamond envelope is the best choice. Otherwise, choose the wallet envelope.

Choose your paper

Last but not least, you will have to choose the paper for your envelope. According to many professionals and experts in this field, heavier paper means that it will have better quality. However, it will also be more expensive compared to other types of paper. Therefore, depending on your personal choice and who are you sending your mail to, the paper of the envelope will vary.


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