Top Three Reasons Why Mail is Better

No matter how tech-savvy you are, digital technology exhausts you at one point. You prefer being connected in a conventional way. Likewise, getting lost in the digital inbox, practical and perceptible businesses are found in the mailbox instead. Undoubtedly, emails are way more convenient to send, and digital marketing is blooming, but it cannot negate the fact that direct marketing does still exist –and can beat email marketing anytime.

Direct mail marketing allows firms to reach millions of people on a more personal level than digital communications. In case you haven’t heard, direct mail is far from dead; in fact, it might be the secret to the success of your business. Therefore, direct mail is still an essential aspect of marketing and should not be disregarded in the marketing blend. Consider the following reasons why direct mail is better than email. Therefore, many people prefer sending a letter in envelopes in Egypt.

1. It is almost like physical interaction:

The best thing about mail is it gives the feeling of one-to-one contact with your customer, which makes it more persuasive than email. Direct mail guarantees that your message will reach the recipient’s hands. Emails may not be so fortunate to make it past the spam filter, and even if they do make it to your inbox, the possibility is that they will be removed the instant they are viewed. If not, the inbox is often overflowing with emails, and yours is ignored in the plethora of emails. And if you send your letter in a customized envelope, then you are more connected to the recipient, like the envelopes from Gazelle Envelopes; we offer envelopes that will speak to the one who receives them.

2. It is more effective:

Your emails might not last long in your inbox, provided you mark them so that you can refer to later. Otherwise, you are most likely to delete it, whereas direct mail might sit on the desk for days before being addressed. You can say that it is like a note on your fridge door. A direct letter stays relevant e even if your target audience has moved on because the chances are that the letter had been handed over to the person who is best to deal with it. This allows you to contact another individual and continue the business. 

3. It has a high response rate: 

Direct mail is a wonderful chance for customer connection. The response rate is a strong indicator of how engaged consumers are. The response rate for an email message is 1 to 1000, but the response rate for direct mail is 1 to 25, making it far more profitable than email.

Did you know postcard marketing has a higher response rate (4.4% vs. 0.12% for digital marketing)? This increases the effectiveness of direct mail marketing by 10-30 times.

The success rate of direct mail cannot be overstated; thus, business owners should reconsider and seize the numerous benefits that direct mail provides. Direct mail allows businesses to send information about their menu, goods, or forthcoming deals to anybody they choose, making life easier than one can imagine. Especially when it is Gazelle Envelopes, the recipient and the sender are more than satisfied with their choice as these envelopes in Egypt speak volumes about their quality and efficiency.