Why Peel And Seal..

Envelopes are of use in every corporate environment, yet it is the white peel and seal envelopes that are the most popular. The neutrality of the colour white and the legibility of any information that can be written, typed or printed makes it a popular choice. The smooth finish and glossy appearance of the white envelopes is preferred by printers for its aesthetically pleasing smooth surface. This is because they absorb less ink and do not leave any residue on printing equipment.

Also the professionalism that white envelopes convey is also hard to compete with.

Usage of White Envelopes:

Gazelle Envelopes manufacture white peel and seal envelopes in a range of sizes that are ideal for sending cheques, coupons, contracts, invoices, documents, letters and catalogues. C4 envelopes are most common within offices as they are ideal for sending contracts, invoices or catalogues through the post while DL envelopes are commonly used to send either business or personal letters. Gazelle will customize the white envelopes with the company logo, initials or a name. 

Manufacturing of Gazelle Envelopes?

Production of Gazelle envelopes is done by automated German machines using European origin paper. The high quality Peel & Seal sticker for its lip is imported to secure your envelopes’ contents with great ease and there is no need for licking distasteful adhesive. Superior quality gum for the pre-moistened adhesive flaps ensures easy closing while opening the Gazelle envelopes is also a neat, clean and quick experience. 

Visit the Gazelle envelope website and view the range of gummed, peal and seal, inserting, wallet and pocket envelopes that are in great demand locally and in the regional markets. Gazelle has carved a niche for itself as one of the biggest envelope manufacturers in Egypt and other parts of North Africa. Find the perfect envelopes for your needs and stock up.